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Volta Signature Series 32 watch winder features:  

High gloss carbon fiber finish.
Black leather interior.
Interior white LED lights. 
Locking front door.
Powered by a supplied 110/240v adapter.
Individual watch mounts.
Ultra quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor.
Rotation Settings include:  clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional.
Turns Per Day (TPD) options are 650, 900, 1350, or 1800 revolutions. 
3 Additional Storage Drawers

Top Storage Drawer can hold up to 12 additional watches.

Middle Storage Drawer can hold up to 6 additional watches

Bottom Storage Drawer is open storage.

Dimensions: L 19.75” x W 12.00” x H 69.75” inches.

To control the motor of the winder, you will find 4 LCD screens on the inside of the winder. Each LCD screen will power 8 of the winders. Using the buttons to the right of the screen, you can control the revolution direction and the speed (TPD) of the winder. Each winder has its own serial number and can be registered online at www.voltawinders.com.

Only $8665.67
Purchase with confidence from eBay