5Pcs Energizer 377 376 (SR626SW) Silver Oxide Watch Batteries

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             The shelf
life on Energizer batteries is 5 + years


Works in: watches, computer, keyless entry, consumer
electronics, Garage Door Controls, Electronic Dictionaries, Car remotes.
hearing aid industries, and other electronic devices.

 Equivalent to:
1176SO, 177, 280-39, 280-72, 376, 377, 377A,377BP, 43, 565, 606, 619, 626A,
AG4, BA, CX626,CX66W, D 377, D377, G4, G4A, G4A177, GP376,                       GP377, L626, LR626,
LR66, MA, R 377/37, RW 329,S32, S626S, SB-AW, SG4, SP376, SP377, SP379,SR 626
SW, SR 66, SR626, SR626SW,                                              
SR626SW/W, SR626W, SR66, TR626W, V376, V377

Only $7.75
Purchase with confidence from eBay